Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Exploding Card Box Instructions

Here is a pictorial on how to assemble the Exploding Card Box Template together.

Score card base as indicated by dotted lines in illustration above.

Lay card base so tab is on the lower right side.

Fold in half at second vertical score line.

Fold left side at first vertical score line.

Fold right side at third vertical score line.

Fold in tab at score line.

Flip card base over so tab is now at the lower left side.
Fold down each flap as shown below.


Fold tab ends of inserts into "Z" shape.


Next is completely optional. I like to add the mats first but you can add them after the box has been assembled. It is really a matter of preference.


Add adhesive to one tab end of an insert piece.

Adhere insert piece to card base at first vertical score line and horizontal score line.

Flip insert piece to left so you can adhere the next insert piece the same way right behind the first.

Continue to add the insert pieces until they are all attached.


Add adhesive to end tabs of inserts as shown above.

Fold far right panel over to adhere insert pieces. Add adhesive to card box tab.

Fold far left panel over to adhere to card box tab.

Carefully open card box.

Congratulations! You've just assembled an Exploding Card Box!
Decorating is fun and you can use any Cuddly Cute Design file!
The possibilities are endless!

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