Tuesday, January 15, 2019

How to Assemble Treat Boxes

I took some pictures as I put together the Puppy Treat Box.
I hope they help you in the assembly process of any of the treat boxes you are working on.

First, I cut out all the pieces and did all the shading. I pieced the things that can be added as a single piece (like the head and feet).

Next, if your box has a tummy piece, I added the tummy piece to the molded body on the box and to the front of the box.

If your treat box has a tail or wings, add them next. I added the puppy's tail.

Next, I added the molded back piece. 

(Front View)

(Back View)

Adding the head piece will be a breeze now that you have a base to line it up with!

Here I added the collar and head piece of the puppy.

Now I assemble the box sides.

Then I add the paws...and with this box the bone he is holding.

Next, I add the heart and feet. I like to add the sentiment last so the feet don't cover up words if possible. Also, when adhering the feet I have the box sitting upright so when the feet are put on the front they don't extend past the bottom of the box and they are flush with the surface (or it may sit funny).

Now comes adding the sentiment. It may not always be the case to adhere this last as each treat box is a little different. If you lay the treat box on it's back and place the heart and sentiment on the front of the box before adhering it, you'll be able to see whether you can add the sentiment last or before you adhere the feet. I do this and hold the feet up to where I think they will be placed to see if they cover up any of the words and go from there. 

Lastly, I add crinkled filler and candy!

I hope these images help you assemble your treat boxes!

Look for the Puppy Treat Box and others in the Boxes & Bags section!

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