Friday, October 30, 2015

"Fall In Love With Fall" FB Hop This Sunday!!!!

Hey everyone -- in case you haven't heard, Cuddly Cute Designs is having their first FB Fall Hop on Sunday, November 1st and you don't want to miss it!

Hope you'll join us!!!  ~DT Debbie

Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween SALE!!!

How about a Halloween Sale to get your creative juices flowing???!!?  Head on over to our Cuddly Cute Designs website to take advantage of these SPOOKTACULAR SAVINGS!!!

While you're there, be sure to check out the new HAUNTED HOUSE pattern!!!

Sale ends on November 2nd!  ~DT Debbie

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Look What's NEW at CCD!!!

If you haven't seen all the new files released this past week then you are in for a real treat!  

Here is the latest "Pumpkin Patch Cuties" and I have to say this is one of my absolute favorite Fall files by Cuddly Cute Designs. These little pumpkins are definitely the pick of the patch for me -- how about you?

How many times have we heard the kids say (or said ourselves!) "Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet"???  Oh My Goodness... Is this a GREAT Halloween embellishment or what?  I just love this new fun and colorful file. Those little spooky feet are just tooo stinkin' cute and would look so fantastic on a layout or a fun Halloween card!

Lastly we have the royally handsome "My Prince" file. I absolutely LOVE this new pattern and have already thought of about 3 or 4 projects I could use him for.

Love these new files? Be sure to visit our website Cuddly Cute Designs where you can see these new patterns and more!  ~DT Debbie 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

More Halloween Fun!

Hey everyone!  DT Debbie here to show you some more SPOOKTACULAR cutting files by Cuddly Cute Designs AND the new FREEBIE!!!!   Let's start off with the Freebie -- 

Let's just say the name of this file says it all -- Spooky Cute!!!  I especially love the spider hanging down from the web!

Next up is the new "Hocus Pocus Titles".  These magical looking titles are perfect for layouts featuring your favorite little wizards and witches or anything Halloween!  Don't you just love all the added details to both these titles?  I certainly do!

This new little "Casting Spell Bear" has done just exactly that -- he has cast a super creative spell on me and I just can't help but wonder what spooky project he is conjuring up from his big ol' book of spells!  And those Magic Potion bottles are just bubbling with magical fun!!!  How awesome are they, especially the one with the skull charm hanging from it!  

Lastly, we have the new "Howling Cuties".  I'm thinking these little wolves have something to howl about, and that's how super cute they are!  This file is so spectacular and eerie at the same time, don't you think? Those dark clouds around the moon are just perfect for making some frightfully fun harvest or Halloween projects!

Be sure to check these new files and more on the CUDDLY CUTE DESIGNS website!  

Thanks for stopping by today -- DT Debbie

Career Cutie Patterns!

Oh My Goodness -- Cuddly Cute Designs has released several Career Cutie patterns and I'd like to share them with you today!

First, we have the Career Cuties--Mail Carriers. These two Cuties are hand delivering some super cute smiles along with their letters and packages. They certainly have my "stamp" of approval, how about yours???

Next we have the Career Cuties--Doctor and Nurse, and they are just the prescription for some awesome embellishments to any medical related project.  I just love all the extras in this file including the stethoscope, thermometer and syringe!

The Career Cuties--Police Officers are so adorable! They are certainly ready to help all of us law abiding scrapbookers and cardmakers out in making some fun projects!

Lastly, here are the new Career Cuties--Firefighters. How hot, hot, hot are these??!!?  These would make great additions to any fireman project, but especially for those adorable pics we all have of the kids and/or grandkids during their school visits with firefighters during Fire Prevention Week!

All of these Career Cuties are available on the CUDDLY CUTE DESIGNS website!

DT Debbie

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Two New Pattern Additions

Hello CCD Fans!  Here are the two latest patterns by our super talented owner/designer Tami Gonzalez!  

It's Fall, and that means all kinds of fall flavors including MY personal favorite -- PUMPKIN SPICE! Just look at these two adorable mice enjoying their Pumpkin Spice drink and special ingredients.  This whole new file is completely adorable and I'm especially loving the drink cup and the fonts used for the title -- perfect for the season, don't you think?

Next, these two little bears are exactly what the title says -- Devilishly Cute! This pattern would make a wonderful embellishment for scrapbooking past Halloween pictures, or even getting ahead and making up your layouts for this year's Halloween of your little cuties. Or, how about sending a card with the little standing bear on it to someone who is Hot, Hot, Hot???  Oh My Goodness... soo many fun things you could do with this file!

Be sure to visit the Cuddly Cute Designs website to see these cutting files and more!  You'll be happy you did!!!  ~DT Debbie