Monday, June 8, 2020


Super Dad Title

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Tool Dad GCH
Football Dad GCH
Fishing Dad GCH
Golf Dad GCH

Design Team Projects (Jun 1st - 6th)

Here's some inspiration from our Design Team projects.

Debbie made this delicious layout using the "Strawberry Jam" file.

Debbie also made this adorable card using elements from the "Strawberry Jam" file.

Samantha made this fantastic layout using the "Birthday Frogs" file.

Melony made this cute card using the "Silly Christmas" file.

Kathryn made these pieces using the "Sew in this Together" file.

Jenilee made this gift card holder using the "Game Controller 1 GCH" file.

Monday, June 1, 2020



Hope Title

New Files

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Gnome Sweet Gnome
Strawberry Jam
Silly Birthday
Birthday Frogs
Get Set to Get Wet
Camping Tokens 1
Camping Tokens 2

Design Team Projects (May 10th -30th)

Here are the projects made by our design team for that past three weeks.

Debbie made this super adorable layout using the "Just Plane Cute" file.

Christi made these pieces using the "2020 Pandemic" file. 

Samantha made this cute layout using the "Boy Flying a Kite" file.

Melony made this adorable card using the dragon in "The Doc" file.

Kathryn made this great layout using the "Prom Night" file.

Jenilee made these elements from the "Margarita Mice" and "Pepper Cutie" files.

Debbie made this super cute layout using the "Busy Bees" file.

Christi created this great card using the "Hope Title" file.

Samantha made this great camping/outdoors layout using the "The Great Outdoors" and "S'mores Cuties" files.

Melony made this cute card using the "Dinosaur Cuties - Girls" file. 

Kathryn made this simple yet amazing layout using the "Moving Cuties" and "School Supplies" files.

Jenilee made this amazing layout using "The Great Outdoors" file.

Debbie made this great layout using the "Memorial Day Title", "BBQ Tags", and "Fall Banner" files.

Samantha made this layout using the "Tool Dad Title" file.

Melony made this cute card using the "Beach Flamingo" file.

Kathryn made gift card holders using the "Dad Shirts Gift Card Holders" file.

Jenilee made this two page layout using the "Camping Tokens 1" and "Camping Tokens 2" files.